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Can I cancel anytime?


If I leave Freedom Accounting,  how do I get my paperwork back?


Will you file my taxes?


When will I receive my first bill?


I haven't done my books in a long time, can you catch me up?


Absolutely.  We never lock you into a contract and we make sure it's easy to get your data back.

You will be billed on the first of every month for the previous month's work.

We do not file taxes, however we work in partnership with Drouin Associates, LLC a full service CPA firm that can help with your annual taxes.  No matter who your CPA is we can work directly with them to ensure that they have all the reports they need to file your taxes on time.

Just talk to someone in our office and we will be happy to provide all hard copies and scanned originals to you.

Of course we can.  Call our office to learn more.


Frequently Asked  Questions?